Maynard Arts

Artist’s Statement: “I choose to tread an individual path to realize my own visions in this quest for enlightenment. I am aware of the old masters looking over my shoulder. Since childhood… I knew that Art and Music would be an important part of my existence. I strive to create something of profound beauty in my every endeavor”

Maynard was born June 6, 1928 in Oswego… a small city on Lake Ontario in upstate New York. As a young man he served as a merchant seaman on the Great Lakes. He has also traveled around America experiencing different landscapes and meeting many interesting people in Florida, Arizona and California. His passion has always been fine arts. American artists he admires are Robert.

Maynard patterns himself in the competent manner of these artists… blended with his own imaginative innovations. His approach to his life is dependent on Buddhist principles… the utmost reverence for nature and all forms of life. He does not look at Buddhism as a religion, but rather a profound philosophy to deal with the rigors of life.

Maynard has great respect for all things meaningful and beautiful… Nature, humanity, fine art and the great mystery of life. When the mood inspires him, he freely expresses his personal feelings in poetry and music.

The artist has worked as a sculptor and a composer of music for the classic guitar. Music is a deeply felt passion and Maynard listens to the classics while he paints. Particular favorites are J. S. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert.

He considers his style as “Idealism…” a personal, imaginative way of expressing his innermost thoughts. Maynard selects subject matter of a certain nobility… whether still life, interior scenes, portraits, nudes or landscapes.

He enjoys his “Golden Years” in his hometown of Oswego, NY and creates a tranquil world of his own design. Maynard works in both acrylic and oil mediums. Most of his compositions are painted on masonite panels. His return to his home, after many years in Syracuse, has allowed the artist a certain freedom of thought.

Maynard’s most loyal supporter, in everything he does, is his wife Florence. She is always by his side and shares his hopes. Since his marriage, his life has been serenity and inspiration.

The artist priorities are balanced composition, precise drawing of forms, vibrant color combinations, and textured surface treatment. He paints in layers and expects his work to last hundreds of years.

Maynard’s style is a personal vision and a reaching out to the viewer… A hand across time. He creates not only for the present time… but also for posterity. The artist has great faith in people who love art as he does

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